In general, any business arrangement between Iron Mountain and a supplier of goods and/or services with an anticipated total contract value greater than $50,000 or their equivalent in local currency should be documented and signed by a duly authorized officer of Iron Mountain and its suppliers and maintained on file with Iron Mountain Global Procurement.

Additionally, for all of the following contractual categories listed below, a signed contract and/or purchase order will need to be in place, regardless of the dollar value of the purchase or commitment:

Under the following circumstances contracts are required regardless of dollar value:

  • Vehicle lease or any long – term financial commitment
  • Supplier providing either direct or indirect services to Iron Mountain’s customers
  • Software, Software Maintenance, and/or Order forms including Software as a Service
  • If the supplier is developing any Iron Mountain proprietary product or service
  • Supplier has access to confidential or protected information
  • Supplier is providing services onsite or has access to Iron Mountain systems or facilities
  • Supplier risk assessment indicates a need for contractual protections.

Please note that a Purchase Order is considered a contract with the following Terms and Conditions