Twitter Chat #InfoTalk<br>Healthcare Transformation: It’s all about the data

Healthcare Transformation: It’s all about the data

On March 17th at 9:00 PT/12:00 pm ET, @IronMtnHealth is hosting a Twitter chat using #InfoTalk to further the dialog on transformational strategies that are enabled through Health IT and Health Information Governance. If you have been involved in Health IT and information governance-related projects, we’d love to have you join. Topics include:

  • How do you define Data Governance and Information Governance? Are they related?
  • Who leads your information and data governance effort? Who else is involved? Who should be involved?
  • What data governance initiatives are you undertaking? How are you measuring success?
  • What’s the relationship of quality and data governance? How are you assessing quality today?
  • How does patient identity impact your organization and efforts like data sharing and population health?
  • What’s been the impact to data quality in the new EHR world? How can we make things better?