A RIM Risk Framework for All Industries

Records and Information Management (RIM) staff are not equipped to police every business unit in every location around the globe to determine compliance. Recent research shows that while 87% of organizations have formal RIM programs, only 8% measure their compliance and only 7% of employees are engaged in RIM. This gap in being able to provide evidence of practice by a disengaged employee base leaves you exposed to senior leadership, shareholder, regulator, and customer scrutiny. A framework of basic RIM controls, or expected activities based on policy, can help level-set expectations across your enterprise and provide a means by which business units – and you - can evaluate their performance and plan for remediation.

In this session we will explain:

  • What the basic control groups are, and provide examples of individual controls
  • How to institutionalize the Framework: timing and roles and responsibilities
  • How to assign ratings to performance
  • Methods for communicating the RIM Risk program

We will provide access the Practical Guide to a RIM Risk Framework.

Speakers: Patti Michaud - Managing Director, Records Management Office, BNY Mellon
Corinna Madder - Managing Director, Head of Global Information Management, JPMorgan Chase

Moderator: Sue Trombley

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